Music Sunday (audio)


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Agnus dei… Dona nobis pacem: Lamb of God… give us peace 

In her A Protestant Mass Christianne Bessières Lane has chosen to set this single line in Latin and English for use as a response by the whole congregation woven into the Pastoral Prayer. It will blossom into a final choral response, and the whole Music Sunday service will end with an even fuller exploration of this music and plea to God in a canon as the Response to the Benediction. Even in the pain of the plea, listen for a hint back to the glory and praise of the Sanctus movement.

John 21 — The Good News (and the bad news)


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This is such a fun chapter. Good news, bad news…first, the bad news. You’ll notice that after Jesus’ crucifixion, the disciples are no longer fishers of men, in fact, they can’t even catch fish. And Peter has been demoted — Jesus calls him ‘Simon’ three times. And Peter gets it wrong to the very, very end…he misinterprets Jesus (who points out that is none of his business, anyway) and thinks that John is going to live forever.

Now the Good News. Although Peter and Judas both betrayed Jesus, Judas commits suicide while Peter sticks around for his forgiveness…